Acquire the power we created for our meetings

Why we created AgendaTrac

Over many years, our consulting firm has attended A LOT of meetings. Meeting management was crucial for successful completion of a project. Like them or not, meetings are a neccessity of conducting business.

The Issue

Managing meetings consists of planning, conducting and documenting. Positive outcomes required the right people and to allow for contribution. Controlling the balance between process and record keeping was a herculean task.

Regardless the size of any of our customers we needed a solution. Overwhelming meetings didn't leave time for anything else.

This is the reasoning behind the creation of AgendaTrac. AgendaTrac is a tool created for our own use. We wanted to simplify the process of managing meetings. We were our first customer.

The Solution

Our goal was to create a "simple" solution. We needed all of the right features but without it being too complicated. A tool to be utilized by a person, consultants, or entire teams within large organizations.

The software also needed to have enough flexibility that it would work for many projects across a variety of different industries.

AgendaTrac isn't the first software solution that we created as a result of our consulting. We have a history of seeing a need and developing a solution that could be shared and used by others.

Why you should use AgendaTrac

AgendaTrac is the perfect solution to help busy people manage meetings. Meeting that are run effectively and properly documented saves time. Using a meeting management system ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. The time saved, frees you to get more done and to stay ahead of the game.

With AgendaTrac you can:

  • Create agendas
  • Distribute agendas
  • Distribute meeting attachments
  • Record meeting notes
  • Distribute meeting minutes
  • Followup on meeting actions
  • Track post-meeting discussion
  • Maintain permanent records

Plans start at $9 per month. You can begin with a free 30-day trial. No credit card required to start!

We have a track record of helping save the day!

Easy-to-use. All of the right features without it being complex. Try AgendaTrac and discover a better way to manage your meetings.