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AgendaTrac is the perfect meeting management system. It has a balanced feature set that works for small or large volumes of meetings. Using AgendaTrac is a time saver. Our affordable, user-friendly system features:

  • The ultimate agenda tool
  • Live mode – Create meeting minutes in real-time at a meeting!
  • Ability to track action items and comments
  • Easy document management and record keeping

Wondering if AgendaTrac has all the features you need? Review the detailed feature descriptions below. Or, start your free trial today and discover for yourself.


Calendar - Summary View

The Summary View displays an entire month at a time. It highlights days which either have past or future appointments. Users can examine each day on the calendar. This will display all appointments in the Day View panel.

Calendar - Day View

The Day View is a 24-hour span of meetings which defaults to the current date. To view other meetings select different dates from the Summary View. A description of the meeting and duration is visible.

Action Items - Top 10

Open actions items assigned to the active user display. All of the items sort by the action due date. Users have the option to edit actions, view details, or add a comment. Keeps everyone updated as to outstanding tasks.

Upcoming Meetings - Top 10

Future meetings display in the Upcoming Meetings view. Presents the date, time and the title of pending meetings. Users can view additional details of each meeting or edit.

Past Due Meetings - Top 10

Meetings having a start date past the current date will display as incomplete. Users can udpate the minutes or action items of meetings. Know the meetings that need attention.



Create meeting agendas that are simple or complex. Agendas can have unlimited number of items. Items contain detailed information related to the topic. Email agendas to attendees with a single click.

Agenda Templates

Master agenda templates can be created and used for similar meetings. Templates can be applied to a one-time event, or a series of recurring meetings. Users working from a common account can share templates.


All meetings can include attachments of any document format. Attachments can be at the meeting level or each agenda item. Sharing documents in AgendaTrac reduces time emailing them.

Recurring Meetings

Create recurring meetings in AgendaTrac. Saves time of creating them manually over and over again. Repeating time periods have many customized options to fit your needs.

Email and Calendar Integration

Meeting attendees receive invitations from AgendaTrac as email. The formatted invite allow users to accept or decline. The meeting is accessible from AgendaTrac and the calendar system.

Project Link

AgendaTrac has the ability to group meetings under projects. No limitations to the number projects created. AgendaTrac lets users view meetings, action items and comments by project.

Meetings Rooms/Locations

Assign meetings to a room or location if needed. The location has a description, directions, and address of the meeting. Include maps or meeting instructions as attachments.

Start Meeting - Live Mode


Add minutes for every agenda item within a meeting. Minutes have no size limitation and allow for multiple paragraphs. The minutes are auto formatted for distribution upon saving.

Action Items

Hosts can add action items to agendas at the creation of the minutes. Attendees assigned to tasks make them responsible to manage. Better grasp of unfinished work.

Parking Lot

The need to place agenda items onhold will occur in meetings. Retaining these items is crucial so AgendaTrac has a parking lot. It's as simple as one click to move items to and from the parking lot.


Upon distribution of minutes, attendees can share info with comments. Posting of comment and updates to action items is an option. The comment feature allows sharing of information without email.

Account Preferences

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