AgendaTrac Quick Start Guides

Helpful tips and tricks for getting started with AgendaTrac

Quick Start Guides

New to AgendaTrac? Find helpful information for getting started with our meeting management system. Our easy-to-understand guides get you and your team up to speed quickly. Click on any of the various topics below to download a guide.

Create New Meetings and Agendas

Learn how to create a meeting, add participants and agenda items.

Add File Attachments to Meetings and Agendas

Learn how to add files in Meeting Setup and what the difference between meeting level attachments and agenda item attachments are.

Create and Manage Agenda Templates

Agenda Templates are utilized for meetings where agenda items for meetings are repeatedly used. Learn how to view, create and modify agenda templates.

Meeting Live Mode

Meeting Live Mode can be used during and after a meeting to add meeting minutes and action items. Learn about the core functionality of Meeting Live Mode.